Augmented Reality Utilization of Augmented Reality Technology as a Kidney Organ Learning Media for Hospital Administration Study Program, 'Aisyiyah University Surakarta

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Rahmad Ardhani Ardhani
Muhlizardy Muhlizardy


AR (augmented reality), is a technology that combines two-dimensional and or three-dimensional virtual objects into a real environment and then projects these virtual objects in reality in real time. Augmented reality can be applied to all senses, including hearing, touch, and smell. Besides being used in fields such as health, military, manufacturing industry and education. This AR technology can insert certain information into the virtual world and display it in the real world with the help of equipment such as webcams, computers, Android phones, or special glasses.
Learning media is a modern technology that can be used between educators and students in teaching and learning activities that can connect, convey information and distribute messages so as to create effective and efficient teaching and learning activities. Learning media can make communication between educators and students in the learning process happen. If the teaching and learning activities do not use the media, the learning process will not occur. Learning media resulted in a communication between educators and students in the learning process. If the learning process does not use the media, the learning process will not occur. Technology is currently developing very quickly, including in the field of education such as augmented reality.
AR Learning Media can visualize abstract concepts for understanding and structure an object model enabling AR as a more effective medium in accordance with the objectives of the learning media. This study aims to: (1) design and build Augmented Reality learning media in the lungs; (2) determine the performance and feasibility of Augmented Reality as a learning medium.
Keywords: augmented reality, Learning Media, Learning Media

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