Author Guidelines

Writers wishing to enter the manuscript should pay attention to the points below. If the manuscript does not meet the requirements stated, the manuscript may be returned.

  1. The submission has not been published before or is under consideration by another journal (or an explanation has not been provided in the comments to the editor).
  2. Script file in Microsoft Word document file format
  3. Manuscript is the result of research or thought results in the field of health
  4. The article is written in English as much as 8-10 pages with A4 paper, space 1.5 comes with max abstract. 150 words and included keywords
  5. Writing by using Times New Roman font 12
  6. A4 paper settings: 4 cm for left and top sides and 3 cm for right and bottom sides
  7. A brief bio and the identity of the researcher are listed on the first page of the manuscript, provided that the author's name, and the name of the institution are in bold
  8. The article sent in a soft copy
  9. The format of the article follows the pattern as follows:
    1. Title ( lowercase font 12 )
    2. Author name
    3. Name of Institution / Institution to work
    4. Abstract in English
    5. Keywords
    6. Writing formats include:


Containing background, problem formulation, library review research objectives{(theoretical studies) each containing subtitles)} each subtitle is written in bold letters, each new Alenia is written over 5 taps and each Alenia contains no spaces, foreign words are italicized, each Alenia has two stasis (more than the last 5 years) described gap analysis.


The methodology outlines the main materials and equipment, as well as the research methods used, as well as providing adequate details that allow the research to be repeated. measuring instruments that have been used must be shown using references, writing the main materials and equipment is described in a concise and clear paragraph form.


Berisi paparan hasil analisis  yang berkaitan dengan pertanyaan penelitian. Setiap hasil penelitian diikuti dengan pembahasan. Pembahasan berisi pemaknaan hasil dan pembandingan dengan teori dan /atau hasil penelitian sejenis. Panjang paparan hasil dan pembahasan 40-60% dari panjang artikel.


The Conclusion section contains research findings in the form of answers to research questions or in the form of the essence of the discussion results. Suggestions are written clearly and operationally.  Conclusions and suggestions are presented in the form of narrative Writing directly, ie presented directly the results discussed, not written individually conclusions written narratively not with a number in order.

  1. Bibliography : Written consistently with the Havard style method it is recommended to use Mendeley, using at least 20 ideals with a sequence system: the name-year-title-name of the published journal, with a space of 1, and the second line jutting 1 cm. 
  2. For table writing, table headings are written above with a left aligned space of 1 without column lines.
  3. For image writing, the title of the image is written below, with a space of 1