Author Guidelines

Writers wishing to enter the manuscript should pay attention to the points below. If the manuscript does not meet the requirements stated, it is possible that the manuscript will be returned.

  1. The submission has not been published before, or is under consideration of another journal (or an explanation has not been provided in the comments to the editor).
  2. Script file in Microsoft Word document file format
  3. Manuscript is the result of research or thought results in the field of health
  4. The article is written in Indonesian and English as much as 6-14 pages with A4 paper, space 1.15 comes with max abstract 150 words and included keywords
  5. Writing by using Time New Roman font 11
  6. A4 paper settings : 4 cm for left and top sides and 3 cm for right and bottom sides
  7. A brief bio and the identity of the researcher are listed on the first page of the manuscript, provided that the author's name, the name of the institution is in bold
  8. Article sent in soft copy
  9. The format of the article follows the pattern as follows:
    1. Title ( lowercase font 12 )
    2. Author name
    3. Name of Institution / Institution to work
    4. Abstract in English and Indonesian
    5. Keywords
    6. Writing formats include:


1) Facts that provide the background or inspiration for the urgent issue/problem and rationalization of the implementation of community service activities
2) Efforts that have been made by other parties and innovation plans or solutions to problems
3) Objectives of community service activities

1) Factual and actual problems, issues, challenges and community needs
2) Describe the problems, issues or basic needs in society
linked to the targets and outputs of community service activities

1) Using the methods used to solve problems, challenges or
problem. In this case, one type of method or a combination can be used
several types of methods
2) Data collection techniques
3) Data Analysis Techniques
4) Location, time and duration of activities

Explain and elaborate on
1) The output or main focus of the activities used by the solution provided
society, both directly and indirectly.
2) Documentation that is relevant to services or goods as output or focus
main community service activities (photos, tables, graphs, charts, pictures, etc.)
3) The external strengths and weaknesses or main focus of the activity when viewed
its suitability to the conditions of the community at the location of the community service activities is linked
with relevant theory

1) State the level of achievement of activity targets in the field
2) State the accuracy between the problem and the method applied
3) State the impact and benefits of activities
4) Put forward recommendations for the next community service activities


Written consistently with the Havard style method it is recommended to use Mendeley, using at least 10 ideals with a sequence system: the name-year-title-name of the published journal, with a space of 1, and the second line jutting 1 cm.


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